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Since 1979, when I began my trade career as a commercial locksmith, I have come to work on every type of project in the building trades, to include schools, hospitals, residential homes of all levels, apartment buildings, retail stores, warehouses and rentals. If it has a door and hardware, I can work on it. After the first decade, I began to say “any door, any hardware, anywhere.” Prior to coming to Charleston, I had worked on a few National Trust homes in the Northern Indiana area.

Since my move to the Charleston peninsula in 1997 and my introduction to the decorative hardware business here through working with Bird Decorative Hardware, I have become fully immersed in the high end decorative hardware market. It was a natural step to become involved in the restoration of the hardware in a great many historic sites in the Charleston area (including homes, over 50 South of Broad), plus churches, schools and plantations in the outlying area. 

The advantage I bring to any project is I can review any blue prints or physical site, review the code requirements, make recommendations according to specifications (such as budget and time constraints), offer a very competitive price on any new door hardware requested, repair any salvageable existing door hardware, and install it all to best working order. From start to finish, I can handle every step in the process, saving you the expense of several additional people.

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